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Developing leadership skills in diverse pupils is not only about providing inspirational stories that can galvanize the next generation of potential leaders but also requires active engagement aligned with the principles of community service. Working with very exceptional leaders in many sectors, there is a need to develop a network that is region specific that can provide the active mentoring that is needed to develop the competencies needed for careers. This the foundational principle for WLI.



The Washington Leadership Index (WLI) fosters the building of bridges between exceptional leaders who have honed their skills from leading dynamic organizations to communities, people, and individuals to cultivate their leadership talent and improve their skills. WLI believes the effective leadership is achieved through active skills development in many areas


The next generation of exceptional leaders are here!

WLI believe that we should actively engage and mentor these individuals, especially individuals of diverse backgrounds. Although, significant progress has been made in terms of upward mobility, there is a lack of effective diverse leadership within many sectors.

Studies from many scientific journals have provide solid evidence that decision making is significantly improved when the composition of leadership teams are diverse. WLI model is to highlight the accomplishments of leaders within many sectors and actively foster the bridge building that is needed to develop the next generation of leaders.

Reading Glasses


WLI seeks to identify talented leaders in all sectors and levels of administration to develop a growing network of individuals that will actively build bridges to the next generation of diverse individuals through active engagement and most importantly hands on mentoring.

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